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5 Amazing Ways to Style a Letterman Jacket!

5 Amazing Ways to Style a Letterman Jacket!

It has been around forever, but only recently has it been a trending sportswear. Yes, I am definitely talking about a Letterman Jacket. There have been many popular sportswear trends circulating in the last couple of years like sweatpants, sports bras, yoga pants, joggers, and many other forms of active wear but what is catching the fancy of fashionistas around the world is the humble Letterman Jacket. Let’s look at some of the ways in which we can re-glam this popular all-American jacket:

With Jeans and Stilettos- Who said it can only be used as day-wear? Add some flare and raunchiness by combining skinny jeans, sky-high stilettos and our hero, the Letterman Jacket for a complete look.

With a blended wool texture- Plain, boring winter coats are monotonous. A blended woolen Letterman Jacket not only keeps you warm but gives a rather sporty spunk to your ensemble. From being a college favorite to a glamorous outerwear, this jacket can be your go-to winter accessory.

With tough leather and boots- Bring out the rugged tough look with classic cut leather Letterman Jacket. You can go in for overall leather look or have leather sleeve panels for a crisper look.

With flower prints- If you want a dressy look, opt for this letterman. It would go well with that long skirt or even a short dress, add a pair of gladiator sandals and you have a sorted dewy look ready.

With denim- Did you think we can leave the men behind? This would look amazing on a game night out with your gang. Be sure to add some sporty shoes and watch for an international look.

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