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A guide to buying sports jackets

A guide to buying sports jackets

A nice sports jacket or blazer is a piece that must be present in a man’s wardrobe. It is a flattering, elegant and powerful article of clothing that has a nice appeal to it. If you do not own a sports jacket, you need to buy the right one and this guide will help you through it.

What makes it a must have?

Blazers give elegance and structure to the outfit you are wearing and highlight the clothing you are wearing in a stylish and classy way. You may wear them over a nice tee shirt, a cotton jeans pair and some cool sneakers. Or you could also wear your sports jacket over a casual shirt and a pair of denim jeans. Depending upon your comfort, you may keep it open or button it up. In short, blazers go with almost every type of clothing styles which makes them an essential part of your closet.

Materials used in sports jackets

The most common and popular types of blazers are manufactured using wool. They are warm and comfortable which makes them a nice choice to wear in winters. Other materials used include different types of linens and cotton. Sometimes a blend of different fabrics is used so the end product possesses the properties of all the materials used.

Get the blazer with the right number of buttons:

Getting a sports jacket with a single or two buttons present on it is highly recommended as articles having three or more buttons tend to dwarf the figure in their own way.

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