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A guide to buying the right night dresses

A guide to buying the right night dresses

Night dresses are available in a number of different types including pyjama, peignoirs, negligees and chemises dresses. All of these types come in different styles based on the collar style, hem length and silhouette of the dress. Some of these types are described below.

Sleeveless Nightdresses

Sleeveless night dresses are perfect for use in summers and springs. They are made up of fabrics that are lighter and softer which makes them very comfortable and cozy for having a sound sleep at nights.


Peignoirs are floor length night dresses and are made up of sheer, light fabric materials like chiffon. They are normally embroidered and come with laces or ruffles.


Negligees are shorter night dresses. They have shorter hems and are typically lacy and sheer. Negligees come in various materials including silk blends, faux silks, sheer synthetics, etc.


Chemise is a bit similar to negligees but it has a modest appearance. It is manufactured using fabrics that are smooth, light and soft including silk blends and synthetics.


Nighties have a construction that is similar to that of a chemise but it features thin straps and possesses a flowing look.

Night dresses with sleeves:

In comparison to sleeveless nightdresses, nightdresses with sleeves are less abundant. They are available in different styles that are discussed below.


Pyjamas are made up of soft and smooth materials like flannel and cotton. They are flowing and loose and are designed to provide comfort.

Dressing gowns:

Dressing gowns are popular in night dressing and are very commonly used by people as they are very soft and comfortable. They feature a belted front closure along with a crossing and are made up of silk or other soft materials.

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