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A guide to evening dresses

A guide to evening dresses

The existence of Evening Dresses is not new. You can spot it out from 15th century when mostly the noble families use to wear it. Since then, evening dresses have been the dress of choice for the folks of noble and/or royal society. However, these dresses also turned out to be put on in special occasions and events.

When you are called up on for an event, the first thing that comes in your mind is, WHAT TO WEAR? Well, we all know, evening dresses are coming up with a variety of formal, semi-formal and casual wears. These dresses are made up of expensive lustrous fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, organza and velvet.

It is moreover a desire of every lady to have some flaunting evening dresses in their wardrobe and to look ostentatiously laudable in every event. I know, choosing a best dress appropriate to wear according to the event is the most difficult task for a woman. Also, the fear to not to get over-dressed or under-dressed according to the event, makes you take hours to decide which kind of dress to choose. Here is general guide about evening dresses to make it easy and simple for you to decide your dress accordingly for formal, semi-formal and casual events.


Formal evening dresses are usually full swiping the floor length formal evening gowns. Bridesmaid, homecoming and ball gowns all dresses come under formal evening dresses, with a bit of heavy detailing on it. If you are going to attend a wedding or a glam party event, you can wear these evening dresses with less detailing on it. Dresses with side cuts are always totally dazzling.


Semi-formal evening dresses can be put on in some business party events or in a fun party throw out by a friend or even to wear in a concert seems to be great. These are small length dresses up to the knees or thighs. When wearing in a business party, go for lighter shades and decent detailing. However, when going out in a night time concert, go for darker shades and a litter sparkle will do its works.


Casual evening dresses come in variety of sizes and lengths, usually very much simpler than formal and semi-formal dresses in terms of detailing. You can wear this kind of dresses when going out to a friends or a family get-together kind of event or going out on a formal date.

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