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A simple and stylish wear – swim trunks

A simple and stylish wear – swim trunks

Swim Trunks are the short and loose fitting or tight fitting swim wear. Swim trunks are most popular in North America. Swim Trunks have different style and designs available however mostly they are made from nylon, polyester, cotton and spandex etc. Swim trunks are also the most common type of swimwear which is suitable to a large range of body types.

Decide the fitting

A swim trunk is necessary to be chosen according to body sizes and to find the right fit, midsection and legs of the wearer are to be considered. When it is to find the right fit for legs then there are three major categories of trunks to choose from in which first is Short and Snug Swim Trunks. This type of trunks are known for its most revealing characteristics. This trunks are better in swimming as they stay in pace better when moving through the water. Second major type comes in this list is Short and loose Swim Trunks which have inseam length as similar as to snug trunks but the major difference between the two is the snugness of its garment. This type of trunks are better for lounging around by the pool but it will not be a good choice for long swims. The third major type is long and loose swim trunks and these are more difficult to swim and its inseam length ranges from 6 to 7 inches. Considering the looks on the legs is important but also looks of midsection is essential and hence a choice for that would be a flat front trunks. It gives elastic band only running through the back, however for athletic body types all elastic waistbands are better.

Deciding the material

Choosing what type of trunk will fit well on you, it is time to choose which fabric will comfort you the most and accordingly choose your trunk. There are variety of fabric options available so let’s take a closer look at them. Earlier the nylon trunks used to be available widely however nowadays they have been replaced by the blend of spandex which is known as elastene and nylon. This material dries quicker and gives a better fit. Other fabric is polyester, and this fabric is not that dries quickly but it is more durable compared to nylon ad therefore they last longer.

Choose the designs

Design of the trunk is most important because that is something which will bring out your unique looks. Choosing of designs is based on the wearer’s personalities and tastes. It is about how you want to express yourself. Choosing option for designs and patterns and colours is numerous. So from floral printing to graphical designs and from bright colours to dark colours, and from plain patterns to abstract patterns, you can choose anything and still have least chance of going wrong. So bring out your best trunks and get ready to go on the beach to enjoy with your comfortable trunks.

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