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All you need to know about man bags

All you need to know about man bags

We’re not talking about man buns, but there’s an equally important thing that needs discussion about, man bags. It’s time men add bags to their attire. You small wallet is never going to fulfill all the needs.

Why don’t you allow us to decipher what kind of man bags are there out in the market?

  • The messenger bag
  • It’s never running out of the fashion, is it? Molded as per the ancient messengers, this bag allows for a classic yet elegant appeal. As of general predicament, this bag has a canvas body with straps to it.
  • The briefcase
  • Is there anything I need to say about briefcase? Its name speaks for itself. Well still, here it goes. Briefcase are an all-time classic men staple. Any question on that? No, I guess. It’s perfect for a modern day man.
  • The backpack
  • It’s often styled as a school bag, isn’t it? It does have use outside of the school too. You could fit just about anything in there. Your laptop, novels, tabs, few accessories all goes in it.
  • The duffle bag
  • Often termed the gym bag, it can be used to put all your gym equipment in one. You’d never have a problem keeping track of your towels, tracks or gym clothes through this. You may further use it for your sports outing too.
  • The holdall bag
  • You can never leave this out of the list, can you? The perfect bag for the men who travel quite often. An alternative to the old, big and boring suitcase, just pack your needs and off you go for a weekend. Easy right.

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