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Amazon warns Echo Buds owners to update the firmware to avoid the risk of overheating

Amazon has started sending emails to owners of its genuine Echo Buds wireless earphones to warn these customers to update the device firmware as soon as possible to avoid a "potential security risk".

"We recently found that Echo Buds can rarely overheat when charged," the email said. According to Amazon, the latest software update addresses this problem and "improves the long-term performance of Echo Buds batteries". Android Central first reported in the email. Amazon is asking anyone who bought the Echo Buds as a gift for someone else to find out about this situation.

Amazon's investigation into the matter was prompted by a customer report of the Echo Buds overheating in their case. There have been only a limited number of cases so far and no injuries related to the overheating problem have been reported. Amazon declined to specify exactly how the Echo Buds reacted to overheating, e.g. B. whether they smoke, melt, possibly catch fire, or just feel uncomfortably hot.

“The update makes the device more efficient and monitors performance to optimize how and when it is charged. Both improve the long-term health of the battery, ”said a spokesman for Amazon The edge by email.

As long as you have firmware 318119151 or higher, you should be clear. To check what software is running on your Echo Buds, open your Alexa app, go to Devices, then Echo and Alexa, then Echo Buds and finally choose "Info".

Amazon automatically applies updates when your Echo Buds are paired with your phone. However, if you don't already have the latest update, you can initiate it as follows:

Open the lid of the case with the Echo Buds inside and make sure they are connected to Bluetooth on your phone and the Alexa app

· Check that your Echo Buds and case are at least 30 percent charged

· Close the case cover with the Echo Buds inside and stay within 30 minutes of your phone's Bluetooth range

· Use the instructions above to check if the software version is 318119151 or higher

It seems that the Echo Buds got a bit overcharged in certain circumstances. The earbuds offer up to five hours of uninterrupted battery life, a total of 20 hours if you include charging the case. You can also charge them for 15 minutes to get up to two hours of listening time. None of this is really unusual or technically impressive compared to the competition. The Echo Buds are charged via micro USB.

Amazon earphones provide hands-free access to the company's Alexa voice assistant and also feature Bose noise reduction technology. Although they haven't quite written our guide to wireless earphones, the Echo Buds have remained a very good buy – as long as they can be used safely

The Echo Buds are currently showing a delivery date on August 14th on the Amazon website. At least for now, the problem of overheating is not mentioned on this page.

Update July 15th 12:48 ET: The article has been updated with more details on how Amazon became aware of the problem of overheating.

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