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Anticipating a day on the aisle in groom suit

Anticipating a day on the aisle in groom suit

If you are from a western country or you are out to do a Christian wedding, a suit is very essential. If not compulsively, it will be traditionally.

Your wedding day is not a day to look dull, not at all. A bright and glorious day like that requires the glamour and luxury you can afford it- be it in a tuxedo or conventional suit.

The GROOM SUIT should ooze out confidence and reflect radiance. It must relate to all that he is the ‘man of the day and event’. Moreover, , since the groom is not alone, his suit needs not be widely contrasting to that of his groomsmen.


Not all colours are good enough for the suit but some colours will always stand out to add glamour to occasion. Check them out:

  • Charcoal gray
  • Dark gray
  • White
  • Navy blue
  • Chocolate brown or just brown
  • Cream colour or Gold colour


  • Morning suit: This combination involves matching jacket colour with that of the vest but a contrasting colour for the trouser (which should be striped).

How about this [combination]: white jacket with white vest, sky blue shirt, striped navy blue trousers plus a red tie and cool red pocket square. That should make some cool man walking down the aisle. Let me be quick to pass this warning out: whatever combination you attempt, do not ‘colorblock’

  • Lounge suit: feel like going British? Then you can go for a lounge suit. A lounge suit is a combination of matching the jacket, vest and trousers in unison [colour wise]. Just as the regular suit combination for official business.

This can be used by the groom on the wedding day even complete with other accessories.

Have this in mind: when the colour is right then expect a bright and easy day down the aisle.

The above mentioned are a part of many more suit types that can be ised for a wedding.

Talking about price: A cool GROOM SUIT can go for $300 at minimum and maybe $5,000 at maximum: it is all up to you. Hiring is an option but I do not think it is advisable since it is going to be a special day as you know.

Just to let you in on this: Never should you take the decision [of what to wear] without your ‘better half’ for you are never complete without her.

The choice of your GROOM SUIT play a part in how the ‘I DO’ rings out. Make IT count!

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