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Apple introduces iPadOS 14 with widgets, photos and sidebar optimizations

In June 2019, Apple used its annual global developer conference to split iOS into two somewhat separate variants: iOS 13 for handheld devices and iPadOS 13 for tablets. A distinction proposed by Apple would allow iPads to mature on their own platform without sacrificing support for the iPhone user interface. UX restrictions. A year later, the tablet operating system gets its second major version – iPadOS 14 – although this year's changes don't appear to be that big.

Apple suggested that all features announced today for iOS 14, including home screen widgets, are also available for the iPad. However, Apple is available exclusively for iPads and adds a sidebar to many apps that allow users to access multiple functions through an app in a sidebar placed across the side of the screen – a parallel to the sidebars that are often displayed in MacOS apps .

For example, the sidebar is now displayed by default when you open photos. It contains a list of all the different sorting options you can choose from, including different media types, personal albums and shared albums. Briefly tapping the sidebar icon in the upper left corner of the screen returns the iPad to standard full screen mode.

Siri, calls and other apps, which normally occupy the entire screen, are instead switched to smaller screen elements. Calls will come in as a notification, and Siri only occupies a tiny circle at the bottom of the screen. Apple notes that these features are also available for iOS.

The search has been updated to "Universal Search", similar to the feature in macOS that can now be used to find and launch apps, including access to web searches, in-app content, and more. You can enter a few letters to start web apps.

One of the biggest iPadOS improvements concerns Apple Pencil. In iPadOS 14, the handwriting is “as powerful as the text entered”. With the “Scribble” function, users can use handwriting as an input option for searches and fields on websites. Selection tools also work with handwriting, in contrast to drawings.

As one of the most popular iPad and iPhone accessories, AirPods can instantly switch from iOS devices to iPadOS devices when users switch between them. This was promised when the original AirPods were released, but never appeared as an actual function. Apple also offers spatial audio support when AirPods Pro is used with an iPad or iPhone that supports Dolby 5.1, 7.1, or Atmos.

The IPadOS 14 developer beta is now available on the Apple website. A public beta will follow in July.

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