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Athletic sports shoes

Athletic sports shoes

Sports shoes are generally designed for walking and running and all sorts of exercises as well. Across the globe, these shoes are used by athletes from different fields of sports. Sports shoes have come up with different names worldwide, some commonly said are; joggers, canvers, sneakers and athletic shoes.


The essential part of sports shoes is its sole. The sole has three layers; insole, midsole and outsole. It is made up of complex fabrics and materials to give your foot proper support and strength while exercising and other athletic activities. The sole consist of proper balanced weight, so that it does not become difficult to carry out activity. It should not be very light that the foot barely stays on the ground and it should be hard and heavy enough to grab the grounds and also at the time could run or carry out the activity with ease.


There is a huge variety of sports shoes available. Each one has its own exclusive use. But in general, these shoes have three main categories on basis of type of sole incorporated.

  1. Motion Control Shoes: Also known as maximum support shoes. Are good for running. Its sole is hard, heavy and very much cushioned then other types of shoes. The sole targeted is flat on surface.
  1. Stability Shoes: The cushioning is less than the first category, and is also less heavy and rigid. Provides a good support to the trainers. It is for the semi-curved soles.
  1. Neutral Shoes: These shoes contain less cushioning and is lighter in weight and softer than others. It is for curved soles, and normal running.

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