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Bandeau bra :  a gift to womankind

Bandeau bra : a gift to womankind

So, let’s talk about something that you might be a little hesitant about.

Ever wanted to wear a really cute see through shirt but couldn’t because of the darn bra? Ever wanted to wear the tube top you saw a slender woman in but don’t have the courage to ask in the store your size for fear of heartbreaking denial?

The answer to theses questions is as simple as a bandeau bra.

Bandeau bra- what’s that?

You know, the name really gives it away. But , I got to tell you what it is.

Most importantly- what’s a bandeau bra?

A bandeau bra is a strapless bra that either has elastic at both ends or has to be fastened at the front or the back. They expose the wearer’s midriff

History and evolution

The French have a word in their dictionary,”bande” which typically means a band and is also what gave rise to the term bandeau.

History has seen Man wearing bandeau since the legendary Roman times. Only, then it was worn as headbands and headache bands and today it is worn typically as bras (also known as tube tops) by ladies.

Bandeau vs normal bra

While I was writing this, something popped up in my head,” can a bandeau bra replace my daily bra?” And I had to find the answer. So, the answer to this is ‘no’. Why? Well , I have summed up the ‘Why?’ In three points. I guess this should be enough to tell you why your daily bra is irreplaceable.

Support– bra- 1; bandeau-½.

Presentability in– bra – 0; bandeau-1

Cheap cost and good quality– bra>bandeau

Why wear a bandeau then?

A bandeau is worn by ladies under see through clothes, low cut dresses or just as tube tops. Bandeau bras are worn at bathing and sport events and parties.

So, a bandeau can’t replace a regular bra but it is more presentable.

Who can wear a bandeau bra?

Do you remember how I started off? I started by asking you if you were unsure that companies produce bandeau bras of everyone’s size. Yes,they do! Size isn’t a care- style is.

So, don’t worry about the bandeau bra size or your summer body. Your body in the summers-whatever size it be – is your Summer body. And your attire should be flaunting your summer body. And for the cute dresses that you must wear, go buy a bandeau bra your size and pamper yourself.

However, if the bra isn’t something you want to go to the store for then go on to YouTube instead and search ‘ how to make a bandeau’ . You’ll get your results.

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