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Be safe with steel toe shoes

Be safe with steel toe shoes

Steel toe shoes are safety shoes with different features including insulation, waterproof, electrical hazard, puncture resistant, and slip resistant and electrostatic dissipative. These shoes could have composite toe, steel toe or an aluminium toe. These kinds of shoes give protection to your feet from any kind of injury that may result from sharp objects, absorption of certain elements like oil or water, extreme temperatures etc.

Factors to be considered when buying a steel toe shoe

  • Material
  • Meeting standards
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Climate
  • Temperature
  • Hazards

Types of steel toe shoes/ safety shoes

Safety boots: These are the most popular types of safety shoes that can withstand cold and hot temperatures. They also have different safety features for protection.

Safety shoes: They have protective cap and are lighter that safety boots.

Riggers: These are a type of pull on safety boots that are used by workers in oil rigs. They do not have an ankle support.

Safety trainers: They are casual and appealing type of shoes. Most have steel toe caps.

Steel toe shoes are very comfortable to wear. One should have enough knowledge about the different types of safety shoes available in the market to get the best and the most appropriate one. They should be of perfect size. They should not touch the toes and there should be enough space between the steel and the toes. If the toes touch the steel cap on top or on sides they are of smaller size.

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