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Be special  on  ‘the special day’: birthday outfits

Be special  on  ‘the special day’: birthday outfits

Birthday is the special occasion which is the remembrance of the day a person made his/her grand entrance into this marvellous world. It the duty of each and every one to be special on this day. To be special means to stand apart from everyone else in a positive sense. The birthday outfit plays an important role in making the person special. The colour and material of the outfit are chosen so as to enhance the person’s looks. A fault in the designing or making process of the outfit will have an adverse effect on the whole birthday programmes.

Usually the colour blue is selected for making young boys’ birthday outfits and the colour pink is chosen for girls’ outfits. The height and physic of the person also must be taken into account while designing the outfit. The skin tone must also be given importance. People with darker skin will be better off with outfits made of lighter colours and those who are fair will carry bright colours very well.

All the accessories and jewellery that the person wears are equally important as the outfit is. They must be matching with the outfit and should act as a catalyst that enhances the beauty of the dress. Overuse of accessories is unnecessary and at times proves to adversely affect the appearance of the person. The birthday outfit chosen must be unique. Borrowing ideas is fine but they must not be entirely copied. Each birthday outfit must reflect the individual’s creativity.

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