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Bowler hat a sign of richness

Bowler hat a sign of richness

Have you ever worn a bowler hat? If not, probably you should give it a try. The bowler hat has become a trademark of many personalities and comic actors such as John Steed, John Cleese, and Terry-Thomas. Stephen Fry, Norman Wisdom, Dick Charles worth, Leslie Phillips, Laurel Hardy, Mr. Benn, and Charlie Chaplin. All these legends are well known for wearing a bowler hat. Why do I ask you to try a bowler hat? Simply because it is a feel of pride. When you wear a bowler hat, you will be considered as one of the best icons in the world or, at least, you can give a halo effect.

The bowler hat is something belongs to the rich. However, it is not so expensive. Everyone can buy it. A normal bowler hat cost around $20 which is very cheap. This is very affordable for almost any American. Apart from the rich look and the halo effect it can create, it also has many functionalities which include protecting your face from the sun. Usually, people who are not used to the sunlight will use it as a protection from it. The ultraviolet rays on the unfamiliar skin can burn it. Many rich who are not exposed themselves to the sun often wear the bowler hat. It looks good for them to show their richness at the same time it can protect them from the sunlight. The woolen material bowler hat will keep you warm during the night time. This is very cool. During the sunlight, it protects you from the UV rays and in contradiction at nights, it will protect yours from cold.

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