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Class or sass-your call: womens polo shirts

Class or sass-your call: womens polo shirts

Want to flaunt your curvaceous body on a regular day in a classy manner? Walk over to your wardrobe; root through the clothes, and don’t stop till you finally pull out that flattering Polo shirt. And if you don’t find one there then it is high time you got yourself one. A Polo shirt is every lady’s birthright for it’s the perfect blend of classy and sassy.

Wearing a Polo shirt allows to be at your best or at your worst and never feel out of place or awkward.

I bet, you don’t need to be told WHAT this Polo shirt, that I so highly speak, of is. You need to know WHY it is and since WHEN it is and for WHO it is.   I’ll still give you a brief description of the Polo shirt before I move on to the other topics.

A Polo Shirt typically is-

A Polo shirt has a collar and a placket with a couple of buttons, and typically a pocket. Also called Golf or Tennis shirts, these are mainly made of piguè cotton knitted (not woven). A dress length Polo garment is called a Polo dress.

It’s all in the name (a brief history)

It all started with René Lacoste (the French seven time Grand Slam Champion of tennis),in the early twentieth century. He decided to bring about a change in the uncomfortable Tennis uniform which were long-sleeved “tennis whites” and a tie and trousers. He designed what today is the Polo Shirt ,only his shirt had a tiny Crocodile embossed on the left breast owing to the title that the American Press had conferred upon him.

Soon, in 1930s the Polo players, who too had a stiff and cumbersome sport uniform, found about Lacoste’s Tennis Shirt and decided to adopt it for their own sport, too. With Lewis Lacey’s design, the shirt got an embroidery of a polo player in place of Lacoste’s Crocodile. This popularly came to be known as the Polo shirt. Lacoste’s basic “tennis shirt” claimed popularity in golf too. Therefore, the three mean more or less the same thing and can be synonymized.

Credit for the Polo shirt available in your wardrobe and in stores for anyone and not as a uniform, only goes to Ralph Lauren who started manufacturing Polo Ralph Lauren shirts for men and women.

Who can wear it?

Are you a golf, tennis or polo player? No? Well, that does in no way mean that you can’t wear a Polo shirt! Go grab your share (I mean legally buy it; don’t shoplift).

So, you go, girl! Get a Polo shirt; wear it and be whatever you want to be – the practical woman or the sophisticated lady!

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