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Contemporary camouflage pants

Contemporary camouflage pants

Camouflage pants are mostly worn by the men. These called so because they have been camouflaged like army pants. These pants are very common these days. Mostly men with higher spirits of patriotism tend to wear camouflaged pants.

These pants are specially designed by the military tailors for the army personnel and the local people can buy camouflage pants from the nearest cloth market. There are certain features or characteristics that only camouflage pants have, these include:

Number of pockets

There are six number of pockets with button flaps. The button flaps are very useful in tightening up the pant.

Waist tabs

The waist tabs are a source of keeping the waist in your control. You can adjust the waist according to you. The adjustable waist tabs are one of the main feature’s the camouflage pants.

Felled Inseam, Seat Seam and Outseam

The seam of the camouflage pant is one of the most significant things that you must see while buying the camouflage pants. There are different kinds of seams namely outseam, seat seam and inseam.

Fused pocket Flaps

The pocket flaps are a great way of making the pant look modern and contemporary. Fused pocket flaps make it easier to walk around. But mainly such pants are manufactured for military specification.

Material Used

Mostly the nylon material is used by the manufacturers to make the camouflage pants.

While buying the camouflage pants always look out for the above-mentioned qualities. These are the key characteristics of camouflage pants and must be fulfilled.

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