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Different types of flight jacket materials?

Different types of flight jacket materials?

Also known as bombard jackets, flight jackets were first created in the early 1900s and were initially made from wool liner and the outer shell of sheepskin. It is known for the warmth that they provide and is commonly worn in the colder regions. Now, the flight jackets are manufactured in a variety of materials to suit your preferences. The most common types of materials that are used for creating flight jackets are mentioned below.

Different Materials of Flight Jackets

  • Leather- These are the original flight jackets which are made from sheepskin, goatskin or cowhide leather. They are known to provide exceptional warmth and are also weather resistant.
  • Gore-Tex- This is a type of synthetic fabric which is created with the help of products made from fluoro-polymer. They are known for their breathability which remains unaffected by rain and wind.
  • TP Fabric- Eco fabric flight jackets are made from recycled thermoplastic material. They are highly resistant to daily wear and tear and are also very extremely easy to wash and maintain.
  • Waxed Denim- A large number of modern flight jackets are made from waxed denim. This material is manufactured by processing it with linseed oil, turpentine and beeswax. It is fully weather and water resistant and is well-known for its attractive finish and warmth.

While buying a flight jacket, it is also very important to enquire about how you need to care for your jacket as each material requires different caring methods.

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