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Facebook's latest diversity report shows that it is approaching its goals

Facebook has released it is last annual diversity reportThis indicates that the company is slowly increasing its representation in its workforce. According to Facebook, the representation of women as well as blacks and Hispanic Americans among employees has increased in all categories covered. However, the social network has not yet achieved its long-term goals: by 2024, 50 percent of the workforce will have an underrepresented background. This number is now 45.3 percent compared to 43 percent in the previous year.

Facebook's diversity report, published for the seventh time, is particularly important in 2020. Last month, company employees launched a virtual strike over the decision not to take action against President Donald Trump's contributions. A contribution appeared to threaten violence against people who protested racist violence, saying, "When the looting begins, the shootings begin." In the same month, several high-profile companies retrieved their ads from Facebook for alleged errors in the moderation and hate speech guidelines.

The annual report suggests that Facebook's diversity is increasing, but slowly and in some cases unevenly. Between 2014 and 2020, the number of blacks employed in non-technical functions in the United States rose from 2 to almost 9 percent, in the Hispanics in the United States from 6 to 11 percent, and the number of women in leadership positions increased 23 to 34.2 percent.

The company had less success in improving diversity in its technical roles. The number of blacks and Hispanics in these roles is only 1.7 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively. The number of women in technical functions rose from 15 to 24.1 percent.

In addition to its long-term goal of 50 percent, Facebook hopes to increase the number of black people employed in leadership positions in the United States by 30 percent over the next five years.

This report follows a number of other initiatives Facebook has announced in recent months related to racial equality. In June, it pledged to spend $ 200 million on helping businesses and organizations owned by the black in the United States, and added a section to its app with fundraisers, educational resources, and black stories.

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