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Features of suitable walking shoes

Features of suitable walking shoes

The good Walking shoes for hiking or travels have designs similar to that of shoes which are meant for running, sport shoes and for hiking. The running shoes are also quite useful as walking shoes because they are well padded and light in weight. The feet feels more free and is comfortable during walking.


The type of walking shoes which one needs to buy depends upon the path where one intends to do the most of the walking. In case the walking is on dirt paths and jungle trails it is appropriate to choose a hiker which is light or a runner. If the walking is to be done mostly on cemented surface such as the pavement then it is prudent to pick a running shoe or a casual shoe. The shoe should be tested by twisting its sole from heel to the toe. The extent and ease of twisting needs to be observed. The difficulty encountered in twisting the shoe in case of an appropriate walking shoe would be little to moderate. The shoe should also bend at the ball when the toe is bent upward. Waterproof shoes are required by people living in places where frequent rains occur. The trail running shoes are waterproof and have a strong sole. Unlike the running shoes more cushioning is provided under the ball of the foot instead of the heel in a walking shoe. It is imperative that the shoe fits well and is comfortable.

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