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Few info on High top shoes

Few info on High top shoes

High top shoes are shoes that extend high above the ankle. They are usually worn while playing basketball. Studies have shown high top sneakers to protect ankles from injury while playing sports. They also provide support to the ankle that’s why they are a good choice for running.

There are two common types of high tops:

  • Thick high top shoes: They are heavier and chunkier and made from a thick fabric.
  • Thin high top shoes: They are made from light fabric and stick to the legs.

Usually high top shoes only include the high top sneakers but boots can also be considered as high tops.

When choosing a pair of high top shoes, you need to consider the following things:

  • Choose the color that goes with your wardrobe. High tops are available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Think of whether you need thin or thick high tops by thinking of what you’re going to wear them with
  • High top shoes are casual, that is why they should be only worn for casual and informal occasions.
  • They are usually worn with jeans. An important thing to remember is that you only wear them with skinny jeans so that you can fit the jeans inside the sneakers. If you wear baggy jeans it will cover the shoes and ruin its look.
  • You can also wear them with shorts or ladies can dress them up by wearing them with frocks or skirts for a dressed up jock look.
  • One of the important features of high tops are the laces. You can tie them in various ways.

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