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Find your comfort and warmth with long cardigans

Find your comfort and warmth with long cardigans

To define a cardigan, it would be said that it is somewhat a garment which is knitted with arms as full length and it might at times open full length at the front or anything shorter as per personal choices. It is also a fashion and clothing statement depending upon the trends and is also considered to be a sweater or a jacket.

Choosing one for yourself

For a sweater, it will be with buttons at the front and for jackets, it will be inclusive of a fastener that will be used for locking the toothed edges sewn onto the jacket. It can be collarless also or anything else as per an individual’s choice. For basic utility, it is used to cover the upper portion of the body from the extreme winds or keeping yourself warm enough. These pieces of fashion and clothing are mainly mistaken as robes but they beg to differ with the style and also the zipper or the buttons differ them from the robes. For such piece of apparel to be considered as a robe is a much older version of. It will just simply hang open onto your shoulders by the design and style of it. But these should not be mistaken as pull-overs. They are mostly seen to be worn over plain colored shirts or underneath the suit jackets if you want to make it as a more casual version of the waist coat.


As everything has its own different colors and variants of style, even cardigans have their own range. From the many wide ranges, some were picked out for you and they will fit any body type. Every apparel has its own purpose of wear. If you have worked hard for that body and want to show it off, the ideal purchase for you would be to go for the short and fitted type. This type will hug your body to the hip bones and flaunt off all your curves. But avoid too tight because that will enhance your body lumps.

If you have a pear shaped body, going with long and fitted type would be better as they hide your legs from the first vision catch. Wearing a slim fit pants underneath, though stretchable is one of the many ways to wear it and pull it off. For someone to pull off another type, that is the flowy type is also a task. For this, you will need to know your body type beforehand because this type can add bulk or decrease bulk depending on you. But especially going for a slimmer look, wearing it with dark accompanies would be a better choice

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