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Funky fashion with justin bieber style

Funky fashion with justin bieber style

Justin Bieber is a Canadian rap and pop singer who is admired by the youth all over the world. He is also a song writer and actor. Youngsters all over the world follow him madly. Young generation like his dressing style, his hair cut, glasses, shoes and even the electronic gadgets used by him.


Justin Bieber style of dressing is followed by the girls and boys throughout the world. Justin Bieber is considered as a fashion and style icon in the modern world. His outfits are expressed as the new trend in fashion. Some of the most famous styles of Justin Bieber are as under,

  • Drop crotch pants
  • Aviator shaded suits
  • Chelsea shoes
  • Justin Bieber sneakers

For a more thorough look into Justin Bieber’s style shown that his suit sans jackets are famous for its cuts and shocking colors but mostly it is liked in black shade.

During the Nickelodeon’s 23rd annual awards Justin Bieber was much liked because of his signature watch, a dog tag necklace and the vests. Moreover, the purple colored high top kicks are something of great attraction.


From the typical vests style, Justin Bieber switched to professional blazer type. But this blazer outfit becomes funky with sneakers. Even with sneakers Justin Bieber also recommend full formal suits with a black tie. Among the formal tie style, Bieber also like to look fresh with a bowtie, giving a new trend of biker’s jackets with bowtie.


Justin Bieber style created a new trend of pants in unusual colors like golden, red, yellow, purple and many other shocking shades.

Besides all the above animal print kicks are also loved by youngsters all over the world.

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