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Gabor pumps: today’s trait of classy women

Gabor pumps: today’s trait of classy women

With the trends quickly moving by in the fashion in footwear for women, the thing for today are “Gabor Pumps”. These are especially popular amongst the chic women of the society. This type of shoes implies to the finest quality of and style confident design. Gabor pumps come in various designs and looks however, are made generally with leather or elastic textiles. One of the major pros of wearing a Gabor is that, it is said to be an ideal pair for smart and casual wear. It suits perfectly on any attire, irrespective if you have worn a pair of jeans & t-shirt, or if you are dressed to attend an official meeting.

An elegant and fashionable woman just knows what best suits her style and compliments their good looks. While in search for a Gabor pump, you will never be short to choose from a huge collection. As, you can select from a highly versatile range of elastic straps, terrific toecaps, crisscross straps, blocky heels and many more to secure the best one for you.

What are pumps?

These are shoes with low cut front, normally flat or low heeled shoes. They usually don’t have any ankle straps or fasteners. They can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions. This is where they differ from stilettos, as they come with pointy heel and are usually worn for formal occasions only. Team them up with a good dress shirt, or skirt or a pair of tights and you can look sexy as hell. It is usually said that even some men shoes are called pumps; however you can be never sure of that rumour.

History of Gabor

The history of Gabor dates back to 1949 in a small town of Hamburg. And, they are most popular for stringent quality procedures, fitting and comfort with ever new looks and designs. In prevailing day, Gabor is the most popular brand for ladies shoes across Germany. Gabor has harboured and nurtured on the family business for more than 60 years and manufactures ladies shoes (Ballerinas or Pumps, rollings soft, for girls and kids, house shoes) and ladies shoes. Over the years the company has launched various new products and with the new technologies being evolved every now then. Rollingsoft is their newest product.

Types of pumps:

The various types of umps that Gabor offers are:

  1. Ballet pumps
  2. Ballerinas
  3. Casual pumps
  4. Peep to pumps

These pumps come in various designs and colors and also in various textures like leather, suede with cotton lining. The heel size starts from 2 cm.

Go on girls, go and grab that shoe of your dreams!!

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