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Give your bottom a relatively tight and smart look by leather belts

Give your bottom a relatively tight and smart look by leather belts

Is there any man, whose wardrobe not decorated with belts? Probably not, an outfit without belt looks incomplete. This is an essential accessory that a man never forgets to put it in his shopping list. Well, with many categories of belts, leather belt stand at priority.

You need to find a belt that matches to your size; smaller and bigger one can make your belt wear out faster.

How to wear leather belts?

The belt should be according to design of outfit. You should also consider the style you want to pull on. With a normal leather belt, you can create a super-hot drama on your waist, by wearing it in the right manner. With leather belt, there are ideal number of pieces for one who like to show off different belt buckles.

Some leather belts styles:

  • Leather back ribbon belts: Clear by the name ribbon belts serve a ribbon like look from the front, but with the side or the back, a man can go with a solid color that’s sure to draw peoples’ attention. This sort of belt goes with on funky as well as on formal dresses.
  • Casual leather belts: With leather belts you can be a gentleman. Simple pair of jeans and a properly tucked in shirt are perfect choice to go with it. Thicker, broader and stiffer can be the synonym of these kinds of belts.
  • Tooled leather belts: Tooling decorative style is perfect works on a knee length Capri. This cool look is good to carry at beaches or on holiday events. Most of tooled belts are designed with interchangeable buckle. So, with one belt, you can take benefit of many.

How to take care of leather belts?

One of the most sought after accessory for men, the leather belt, adds a style statement, even with the ordinary pair of pants. Leather demands a proper care, if you spend more time with it. Brief explanation about the caring tips of a leather belts:

  • Hanger system: Never roll down your belt, instead of it, use a hanger and hang them properly. Rolling may damage the leather and ruin your belt.
  • Protect from moisture: In humid or rainy seasons, the leather may get destroyed by moisture. To protect it from the moisture you can apply leather conditioner on your belt.
  • Keep the water away: Leather cannot survive with water; you need to keep it dry. In case it gets wet, immediately dry it off, and in the rainy season it is advised to cover it with your shirt and jacket.
  • Changing system: Like shoes, belts also wear out quickly, if worn continuously. For this solution you should maintain more than one belt in your wardrobe. With different belts, you can style differently.

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