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Gold dress – a pure indulgence

Gold dress – a pure indulgence

Gold! A statement for everything that is opulent and outrageously sumptuous. The color is for luxury and prosperity. The illuminating gold is considered as golden sun rays indicating success, strength and power. Gold is a precious metal. It represents wealth and luxuriance, allurement and glamour.


As, we all know embellishment has everything to do with female. The gold dress therefore enhances a woman’s eminency and feminism. It adds a little sparkle in your personality. The fascinating gold dress seems to be an appeal for love and romance.

I dress to kill, but tastefully.

(Freddie Mercury)


Mostly a gold dress is worn on special occasions. On occasions where you want to be pointed as “one in a million” Even a little gold work outstandingly adds enchantment to your dress and though in your personality, which makes you look peculiar among others.

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’

(Coco Chanel)


There are different dress forms to ensemble oneself in gold.

  • A stunning bridesmaid gown in gold color is perfect for a dream wedding.
  • No place better than a prom night to wear your astounding golden prom dress and be the eye-catching chic of that night.
  • Looking for what to wear for your homecoming performance? Well, what will be better than a homecoming dress in gold?
  • Have to attend a glamorous cocktail party? Go for your sassy gold dress.
  • Wants to go to a semi-formal event? Pair up your sparkly gold top with a skirt.

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