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Guide for wearing silver jeans

Guide for wearing silver jeans

You would be more than fashionable when you wear silver jeans. A pair of such jeans is like a little black dress – they will always be suitable for the occasion. If you still hesitate whether to buy them, check out the following tips for wearing silver jeans.

Make it casual

All denim lovers will fall in love with this outfit. Combine silver jeans with something less glossy. It may be your favorite hoody, a washy T-shirt, or a pair of old sneakers. Your look will be balanced due to the right colors.

You need to be urban

Silver jeans are a perfect addition to the city slicker style. Wearing a black coat and high heels, you’ll look natural in the hustle of everyday tasks. If you want to highlight the style of jeans, use silver accessories. For example, a few metals on your bag will do their job.

Look like a rocker or become one

You must have already thought about using silver jeans in the rocker style! Put on your favorite leather jacket and a pair of biker boots. Now you’re looking all edgy and brutal. Isn’t it attractive?

Be neutral

All that brutal accessories and dark colors are easy to guess. However, what about wearing silver jeans together with neutral clothes? You can do it in a stylish way. Don’t be afraid to wear white and beige colors. They will create the needed balance. Mind the materials.

A pair of silver jeans is a great thing in everyone’s closet. Some consider it to be difficult to style. However, there are hundreds of great outfits with these jeans.

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