Underground shoes were first worn by New Romantics of London in the late 1980s but lately these shoes have been adopted by fashion designers to adapt to their latest collection. The unique style of these shoes has inspired designers to incorporate them with the latest styles of dress on the ramp. The creepers are shoes that were originally worn by the soldiers during World War II because of the desert climate and environment. The suede shoes with a hard wearing sole inspired the cobblers in refining the style and coming up with a streamlined form of shoe that has become very popular even today. In the 70s such shoes were worn by the punks, a group or rebels.

But today these shoes are back on the fashion scenario.  Underground shoes are available in many styles, colors and fabrics with variations of four soles. The Corvair creeper Underground shoe is a popular shoe with a double sole with the upper construction of suede in black. Another excellent Underground shoe is the Wulfrun Suede that is a combination of classic and modern. It has a rubber outsole with a fabric insole while the upper shoe is made of leather. The Macbeth Brogues are black leather shoes by Underground that can be laced up with a rubber outsole. The metallic leather shoe in silver has detailing around the toe with white laces and a ribbed white rubber sole. Underground shoes feature soles of 1.5-2 inches for most of the shoe, in fact there are limitless combinations to choose from.

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