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How to buy wedding shoes

How to buy wedding shoes

Every one waits for this day, the wedding day and obviously he is supposed to be the absolute best looking person. One of the most important accessories on your best day is your wedding shoes. You have to get the best matching pair of shoes with your perfect dress. Following points will help you in getting you best pair of shoes.

Comfort is mandatory:

The most important thing to remember while getting your wedding shoes is the comfort. Not even shoes whatever you are buying if it is not comfortable then it can never be the scene stealer.

Break them in:

On your special day you will be on feet for more time than what you think. You will need to wear for all of your photo sessions. You cannot afford to wait for the last day to try so just don’t get it but try it by pacing back and forth.

Match your dress:

No matter how awesome looking dress you are wearing but it won’t be completed unless you are wearing the decent pair of shoes matching your dress. The best way to get the perfect match you can get a fabric swatch of your dress and match it with the shoes.

Your Personality is the key:

If you are not able to find the matching shoes then try for bold, bright or design for shoes. You can also trying matching the wedding theme or colour scheme.

Check the weather:

If you are planning the outdoor wedding then you have to keep an eye on the weather. Especially for ladies, if you are having your ceremony on grass then wedges would be the best option for you.

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