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How to choose dress shoes for men?

How to choose dress shoes for men?

After having finally decided the shirt, the tie, the cuff INS and the coat, one thing that is left for a man to be a complete gentleman is dress shoes for men. Now deciding upon a dress shoe is not easy too. Especially if you have a shoe rack filled with dress shoes. There are basically many types of dress shoes commonly used by men. Out of the many designs I feel oxfords, loafers and monk straps are most widely used by men.

Oxford shoes are more formal ones, the more sleek they are the formal they look. One thing not to mess up with these shoes are not to pair them with jeans. These will best go with formal trousers. Black and brown are most common colors of all.

Loafers are the type of shoes which are easy-to-slip-in. They do not have lace and are very comfortable to be in. The best part about this type of dress shoes for men is that it can be worn with both jeans and formal trousers. They are available in many colors. But black looks more formal than any other color. Also, a simpler design is more formal.

Monk straps could be said as a design which is combination of both above. It more or less looks like oxfords but does not have lace instead it has straps. It suitable only on formals. Make sure you choose good colors of the buckle for straps. If buckle is gold make sure you wear a watch with gold metal not silver.

Hope these descriptions will help you choose the right shoe in future.

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