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How to Choose Mens Shirts that suit every occasion?

How to Choose Mens Shirts that suit every occasion?

You can tell about a person from the dress he wears. The dress he wears indicate his personality. He can display his professionalism through his dress. The way he dresses can show his preferences and his values. The choice of dress should depend on the occasion. You cannot go to a meeting in casual dress. The shirt material and how well it is maintained shows the amount of care he takes in his work. There are so many different types of shirts, colors, materials etc which makes choosing the right mens shirts a difficult proposition. It is important to choose right dress since on an average a person spends 10 to 12 hours in the same shirt. Hence, it is important to choose right material shirts to keep himself comfortable.

The Mens shirts materials vary from polyester, linen, cotton, various blends of cotton-polyester, silk etc. The fabric should be easy to wash and should retain the ironing. It should be sweat resistant and easy to maintain. The wrinkle resistant cotton-polyester blend could be the best choice balancing both comforts as well as style. Even though 100% cotton may be very comfortable, it may not be wrinkle resistant hence requires more maintenance. These are difficult to iron and doesn’t look great for meetings. It is best to choose Mens shirts that are cotton-polyester with 60-40 blend. You could choose ready-made shirts from different brands. However, it is best to stitch to get the perfect fit. Though light colors are best for formal work environments, you could choose the colors depending upon the occasion.

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