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How to choose the perfect cycling shorts

How to choose the perfect cycling shorts

Like the seats in a bicycle, it is quite tough to suggest the best type of cycling shorts as there are much differences involved in the butts, crotches, saddle and the riding positions. Follow these simple tips to choose the best type of cycling shorts.

It is better to have more panels in the shorts. The cycling shorts that have eight panels is often the best as it provides better fit to the body than the shorts with lesser panels. Nowadays the crotch liners come in materials like synthetic which is best as they don’t dry or crack and prevents irritation. Moderately padded and absorbent pieces that are large and smooth are the ideal cycling shorts if you look for better comfort.

It is also check the leg grippers in the cycling shorts. Choose the one that is wider and sewn in securely and made of rubber-like material. Your leg must not feel too tight or too loose.
Also look for the stretchy type of cycling shorts that are made of spandex materials. You can also find some shorts that resist stretching intentionally which enables you to pedal easily.

It is very important to check the appropriate size of the cycling shorts before purchasing them. Unless you are aware of the manufacturer’s sizing method, it is risky to buy shorts through the online stores. Hence it is better to try them on to see if it fits your size before buying. Also make sure that the cycling shorts are very comfortable to wear.

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