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How to copy rihanna style ?

How to copy rihanna style ?

One of the most common names that come to your mind when you think about the most stylish celebrity is that of Rihanna. She is known to create bold style statements that are then copied by other females throughout the world. If you love Rihanna and her style, we have compiled a list of tips that can help you flaunt Rihanna style with ease.

Tips to Copy Rihanna Style

  1. Accessories– Rihanna’s love for accessories can be seen in every outfit she wears. Gold-tone bracelets and necklaces paired along with a crop top and shorts is one of the classiest Rihanna style. Also, choose a heel that has an ankle-strap and gold-tone detailing to complete the picture.
  2. Cat Eyes- Rihanna’s smoky cat eyes are loved by one and all. She often opts for a gold or soft copper shadow that has a shimmery finish and runs it from the lashes all the way to the brow. It is also important to blend the eye shadow colors carefully with the dark shade applied on the eyes and lighter shades while moving towards the brow.
  3. Beauty Glow- Her face looks perfect at every do and its secret is the use of primer and then foundation. Cover your entire face with a good quality primer and then follow it with foundation. And then, it time for the shimmery bronzer. Make sure that you choose a bronzer that is a couple shades darker than your actual skin-tone to get that perfect Rihanna style.

If you are looking for a DIY makeover to sport Rihanna style, the above mentioned tips are sure to help you out.

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