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How to design t-shirts ?

How to design t-shirts ?

No matter if you have that creative streak in you or not, designing t-shirts on your own is a fun process and the outcomes can be amazing if you know a little about designing t-shirts. While the process can be a bit daunting, but the fun of wearing a t-shirt that you yourself have designed makes up for all the hard work that goes into its creation. If you want to design t-shirt, go through the below mentioned tips to get a headstart.

Tips to Design T-Shirt

  • Spend enough time- It is very important to give enough time for your creation to make sure that the outcome is attractive. It is better to sketch your design on a paper first, try some different variations, and then only decide what you finally want.
  • Think about the t-shirt- So, if you’ve finally created a sketch on a piece of paper that is actually looking great, think if it will look as amazing on the t-shirt as well. One way to do is to place the sketch or a printout of it on the t-shirt and check if it is looking good.
  • Keep things simple- While detailing add-up to the design t-shirts, if you are trying it for the first time then it is better to keep things simple. When you’ve already done 2-3 of your t-shirts, then you can think about different designs with intricate detailing.

If you want to experiment, do it as much as you want on the sketch and not directly on the t-shirt. Once you are fully satisfied with the design, then only think about trying it on your t-shirt.

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