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How to pair ties with Dress shirt?

How to pair ties with Dress shirt?

Men have been claiming since time unknown that they do not have many options to wear and are content with the few they have. They have been proudly nagging about how women take time shopping the number of accessories and then equally take more time in wearing those and getting ready. But is this really true that men do not take time to ready? That is not completely true. Have you ever seen a man trying to pair all on his own? The dilemma he is in and the time he takes to finally decide one can be definitely compared with the time taken by women to get ready. For all those men who always find themselves in such difficult situations here are few handy tips to pair your ties with the dress shirt

  1. Colors: Do not ever try neon colors. No matter what color is your dress shirt, a neon color tie is a big no no. While pairing try contrast always. For example a black tie would go on pink shirt and a red tie would go on a white shirt. Do not pair hot-hot and cool-cool. Meaning do pair a red tie with a orange shirt or a green tie with a blue shirt. Rather cross pair them.
  2. Pattern: Pattern on tie is also important. If your dress shirt color and pattern is light, then you can opt for a bold pattern tie. If shirt has heavy stripes or pattern, do prefer a plain tie.

In any case some trial and error has to be done. Hope these tips will help in reducing the number of your trials and error.

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