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Italian leather handbags always remains a fashion style

Italian leather handbags always remains a fashion style

Handbags are one of the most essentials items in a woman’s wardrobe. They are the single most useful product that a woman endorses, not only because they make a lovely accessory, when paired with the right outfit, they deliver high on the fashion quotient, but also for the fact that they are essential in terms of carting away important items that women totally swear by and absolutely can’t bear to be parted with, like their ID’s, wallets, their favorite miniature eau de parfum, their mini make up kit, gizmos and all sorts of regular stuff that can possibly fit into it.

Handbags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and textures. You have cotton totes, canvas slings, PU satchels, basket weaves, goatskin suede, metallic textures and an assortment of leather bags.

Before you embark on the exciting journey of buying a leather handbag for yourself, you have to make sure what you’re getting into. Leather is basically manufactured through a process called tanning of animals skins. The most common skins are sourced from cows; however skins of pigs, sheep’s, alligators, ostriches and lizards are also popular. Leather is a durable, resilient material, and it ages gracefully. Whatever the current fashion trend may be, a good leather bag will NEVER go out of style.

Now there’s leather and then there is Italian Leather. And no, it is not procured from an endangered Italian species either so don’t get your ruffles up over this exotic name. Italian leather is often made from the hide of ostriches. Ostrich leather is thicker and offers more durability and resilience than other leathers. Italian leather or leather procured from ostriches also has a different appearance, i.e. larger bumps on the surface which creates a ‘Goosebumps’ appearance. However, ironically so, any leather procured in Italy, for instance skins procured from cow, lamb, if produced in Italy are also categorized under Italian leather.

Italian leather is considered to be the best kind of leather, and leather procured from Italy is known for the high quality of craftsmanship as lower rate of imperfections are found in the animal skin. Generally, it is “full grain leather” made from the best raw hides. Full grain leather is tougher and more durable. Due to it’s supremacy over other leather types, it is also highly expensive. An Italian leather bag, made of ostrich hide can cost up to several US dollars, maybe more.

Italian leather is found to be more expensive because of the tanning process and the high quality craftsmanship. It can easily cost upto six times more than the regular leather. Italian leather is handcrafted and the lagacy of handcrafting them passed down generations across generations, making it valuable in heritage as well as expensive.

Italian hides are usually not pigmented or coated. The challenge lies in maintaining the beauty of the hide during the tanning process. Incase of exotic prints, the surface is not uniform which adds to the exclusiveness of the hide. These kind of leather hides not only age gracefully, they become more beautiful over time and develop a nice, rich and exclusive patinas well.

So it’s time you save up to splurge on that gorgeous work of art called an Italian Leather handbag and it suffices to say that you will not be disappointed.

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