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Jackets at its best – varsity jackets

Jackets at its best – varsity jackets

Varsity jackets are also referred to as letterman jacket. These are kind of jackets that are presented as awards in most universities of United States. The varsity letter is stitched on the jacket by the university which is considered as the first letter.  Now a day these jackets are worn for style. They are very much in trend available in variety of designs, fabrics, styles, colors etc.

Different styles of varsity jackets

  • Hoodies style varsity jackets: They have a hood attached to the jacket. They are lighter than other types of jackets or coats. They are available in different colors with additional feature of zip or a pull over.
  • Sweaters style varsity jackets: They are made from cotton, woo or combination of materials. They can be worn directly as a shirt or can be worn over a shirt as additional clothing during winters.

Materials of Varsity jackets:

  • Wool: Wool is a natural fabric that provides protection from wind during the winter months. They are also moisture and mould resistant.
  • Leather: Varsity jackets made from leather are very much durable. They provide warmth and are long lasting. They are heavy and expensive as compared to other jackets.
  • Cotton: This is the most preferred material. These are natural fibre and hence very comfortable and hygienic. They have the ability to absorb moisture easily.
  • Denim: Denim varsity jackets are durable as well as comfortable. They can be worn over a shirt to give a trendy look to the personality.

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