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Jean Skirt : A ‘DYING’ COUTURE?

Jean Skirt : A ‘DYING’ COUTURE?


The word ‘Jeans’ has become a household name long before the skirt variation came to be. Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss (sounds familiar?) brought jeans to be in the late 18th century and miners were even the targeted users. I wonder if those two men would have envisaged what they patent has become today.

However, time unveiled new modifications: in the 70s, JEAN SKIRT made a grand entry into the fashion world. The skirt emerged in varying length and styles with cut-through.

Although in this age, the shorter (mini) JEAN SKIRTS are now common, the general popularity of these skirts seems to be taken a downslide with the advent and/or resurgence of other garment designs (like the yoga pants, skinny jean trousers…).

The above might be undeniable but certain groups of ladies still fancy the JEAN SKIRT. For instance:

  • Women who prefer skirts to trousers for religious reasons;
  • Those who want to feel strictly feminine;
  • Those who want to feel safe with what they wear. It is noteworthy to bear in mind that that skirts unlike trousers, allow fresh air between the legs.

With the aforementioned and with models like Lily Donaldson, Gigi Hadid and Poppy Delevingne still turning in JEAN SKIRTS, there could yet be a swing back in favour of that which is now gradually being pushed ‘out of vogue.’

Do you know:

  • That jeans are made from ‘denim’?
  • That the word ‘denim’ comes from the word ‘serge de nimes’, a French word?
  • That the first denim skirts were made by ‘hippies’ from old denim pants?

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