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Lace wedding gowns: makes you fabulous

Lace wedding gowns: makes you fabulous

Have you ever looked back on your lovely childhood memories, of playing with your dolls, setting up house, playing dress up and all sorts of other silly make believe games. The memories created in the wonder years always mould your perception of life and you always subconsciously try to relive your childhood memories, because they are an essential part of your pschye. They are a base, a groundwork, a sort of blueprint, to your future. Childhood happens to be the very best part of your life but the flipside to this is that as a kid, you could hardly wait to grow up and put on some real make-up, put on that mother-of-pearl heirloom necklace that your granny gifted your mom, do up your hair the way those models on the runway do and slip into your most coveted dress and go out with friends, no curfew time, because hey! You are pretty much a grown-up now! You have your own life, your own set of rules, and there are milestones in your life, which mark your journey from a toddler to what you chose to become.

A Wedding gown in essence is not just an outfit, but a veritable piece of art, designed, curated and tailored to your specifications. And there is a plethora of designs, fabrics, cuts, colors and trims to choose from. From silks, satins, flowing georgettes and layered chiffons, to heavy brocades, embroidered or finely patterned with sprinkles of sequins akin to fairy dust, choosing the right wedding gown is no easy task.

Lace wedding gowns are predominantly more popular because their charming, fairylike quaintness, and the fragile beauty of the intricate lace patterns. There are several types of lace fabrics used to make Lace wedding gowns.

  • Chantilly or Galloon lace: It has a patterns of flowers and ribbons atop plain net or organza, a very popular handmade bobbin lace
  • Beaded Lace: It is embellished with beads, crystals and sequins for an antique look with scalopped
  • Alencon Lace: Alencon lace is embroidered Chantilly lace and one of the most expensive lace, apt for heavy crystal and glass embellishments.
  • Guipure lace: It is also called a french bobbin lace. It is a needlepoint lace made with the use of buttonhole machine stitch on coarse mesh net
  • Ribbon lace: A ribbon cord is used to loop and draw opposite edges at random over net.
  • Spanish Lace: Flat roses on tull-mesh net
  • Venetian Lace: It is a heavy needlepoint lace with foliage, floral patterns.

These various laces when combined with other fabrics and embellishments make the wedding gown a literal piece of art. So lace up, and look spectacular on your special day.

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