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Make your hot summer vacations cool with the help of straw hat while going out

Make your hot summer vacations cool with the help of straw hat while going out

In this summer vacation, going for a picnic is headache rather than enjoyment. But you can make your picnic enjoyable and quite funny with the help of some cooling accessories; Straw hat is one of them.

Straw hat is a simple hat made from wooden straws and provides coolness to your head from hot sunstroke. The pure wooden straws of hat absorb the heat and keep away your head from being hot. This cool accessory is helpful not only for picnic time; you can also use these while going out from your home for any purpose.

Both the masculine and feminine world is going gaga for this strong style statement. No matter how you clad this one, it will always prevent sun rays far away from your head.

Straw hat: a strong style statement:

This summer straw hat has become a styling icon in the fashion world. With protection from hot temperature, straw hats comes in many forms and varieties. They particularly come in round shapes and serve a decorative element to the fashion world. The straw hat provides you relief from hotness with style. The different designer straw hats put four stars in your personality and facial look. Caught up with the trend, and pick a straw hat to enhance your overall beauty.

Styling of women with straw hats:

Women love to clad hats, as it is a great fashion remark. There are oodles of varieties and styling themes available for women to enjoy this outfit.

  • Tomboy looks: For Tomboy look you should pick a tomboy straw hat. Moreover, with the simple hat, you can design it in tomboy style.
  • Street designs: Now, the fashion world is embracing shady straw hats. It is easy to adopt a street girl look with these hats. They serve you many forms and designs. Loose short top with big dots shorts and a stylish strapped straw hat is enough to make you a cool street girl.
  • Stylish and quite feminine: There is wide range of refreshing alternatives of straw hats. Simply clad a white top on blue jeans and wear an off white creamy textured straw hat to bring out the stylish and elegant look of you.

Styling with straw hats for men:

Not only women, but also men feel proud wearing this stylish yet comfortable hat. It has become a daily accessory of a gentleman as well a super cool dude. In sunny days men do not leave their house without this. A man cladding a tweed paint with tight fitted shirt under a maroon blazer and moreover, a bright brown color straw hat, he really looks a stylish, elegant gentleman.

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