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Men’s wardrobe essentials: mens khaki pants

Men’s wardrobe essentials: mens khaki pants

With the onset of summers, comfort and ease in clothing comes foremost to the mind, however in no way does fashion take a backseat even when it comes to men’s fashion. Men might be creatures of habit, but who ever said that fashion can’t be comfortable and easy. Denim and formals might be top favorites in Men’s fashion, however the idea of lounging about in a stiff fabric does give you the creeps. But don’t fret, the all-powerful, super comfortable pair of Khakis aka Chinos is the new summer staple for men who don’t want to give up on their comfort.

Men’s Khakis have an unusual history. Originally endorsed the world over as uniforms in the army, khakis were given this particular name due to the color of the fabric being a light shade of yellow-brown bordering on dark beige. The Khaki concept was born in 1860’s, during military rise and if often used too describe the drab light brown color of the uniforms. However, now it has become a fashion staple for men all over the world.

The term ‘khaki’ is Persian in origin. They are also referred to as ‘chinos’ and are a popular style of pants for men. They have a casual look, a comfortable fit and are durable made of twilled cotton fabric, making it the perfect summer wear. Khaki literally means dust-colored. They are a neutral color, ranging from very light shades of tan, almost cream-beige, to much darker tones ranging towards grey-browns even beige-greens. The khakis are preferred because of their easy care routine, ideal comfort level and versatility. Men’s khakis are mostly made of natural fibers, like cotton, linen, and cotton blends and are chemically treated to cut down on wrinkles, reduce stains and to retain shape.

The khaki loving man can very easily amplify his style quotient, by dressing up casually for a day at the park with his boys or to the boardroom meeting, teamed with a formal shirt. They are a must have item in a man’s wardrobe, because they are versatile in their look. Khakis can both be pleated or have a flat front. They work well as casual day wear, office wear and informal and stylish evening wear or if you are heading out to a light dinner or social event and you want to wear something semi-formal. A casual khaki might have multiple pockets, a semi formal style would be more toned down. With a multitude of chemical washes and treatments, most khakis don’t even need to be ironed, they are made wrinkle free, to last longer and thus make perfect day wear.

With most designers and high fashion brands dishing out a multitude of styles, the basic khaki is now more than just a wardrobe staple…it is a fashion essential for even the most laidback man. So get your hands on that perfect pair in that perfect shade, team it up with a white tee or a powder blue linen shirt and you’re all set to beat the summer heat!!!

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