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Over-drawn strawling maxi skirts

Over-drawn strawling maxi skirts

Decades have passed witnessing women in skirts. Length of the skirt kept on changing according to the trend of that era. From kissing the floor length to the one hanging between knees and thighs, all of them are been experienced by women throughout decades.

Well, it would not wrong to say that nowadays the definition of fashion has changed a bit. It is not the one everyone is wearing rather fashion is what you love to wear despite of the fact that others are happy to carry it or not. It is all about how you elegantly carry it and rock in it. Therefore, these days, skirts of all sizes from miniskirts to maxi skirts are in fashion. It is the beauty of this era to be flexible enough to own every style.


The long ankle pecking, frolicking maxi skirts are so adorable and easy to carry with any kind of top.

  • Wear it with crop tops to look fabulously stunning
  • A baggy loose tee shirt goes with it right.
  • With a frilly maxi skirt, a plain top will look good.
  • A white buttoned up shirt will look classy with a plain black long skirt.
  • Beautiful floral printed skirt can be paired up with a top and a jacket or pullover.
  • You will look mesmerizing to carry a maxi skirt with a tube top.
  • A peplum shirt on a maxi skirt, cinched from waistline by a belt is also a pretty good idea.

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