beautiful wedding dresses 40+ simple wedding dresses for elegant brides wetdgdc

The exquisite white wedding dress rose to prominence when Queen Victoria draped a white court dress on her wedding with Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to those brides adorned gowns with heavy embroidery work of silver thread. American and European brides preferred a spectrum of colors like blue, red, black, brown while choosing wedding outfits. The beautiful Victorian wedding dress ...

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mens polo shirts silkblendpolo - ashley weston mjobcem

A polo shirt is a must have or an essential item of clothing in any man’s wardrobe. Men’s polo shirts can be selected from the classic to the modern styles for a casual or a semi formal affair. They come in a regular, tight fit or a casual loose fit and can be teamed with casual trousers or jeans. Polo ...

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Peppy peplum tops

In older times, the peplum was basically a top attached with a skirt or lowers. While by the time, the peplum was extracted out from a dress to a top form. It is trendy since 30’s and 40’s. Although like all other fashions, the peplums also experienced ins and outs of fashion. Despite of that, it is now available in ...

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basketball shorts noimagefound ??? uaraeni

Shorts are among the most important gear for a basketball player and even to enthusiasts. When paired rightly with cool jerseys and shoes, then your time at the court will be excellent and enjoyable. However, choosing the right shorts is a process that requires seriousness and useful tips that will land you on the right pair of basketball shorts.  Here ...

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Be special  on  ‘the special day’: birthday outfits

Birthday is the special occasion which is the remembrance of the day a person made his/her grand entrance into this marvellous world. It the duty of each and every one to be special on this day. To be special means to stand apart from everyone else in a positive sense. The birthday outfit plays an important role in making the ...

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Own Your Style with Charming Girls Boots

girls boots girls annise tassel bootgirls annise tassel boot, light brown suede kyqsqjd

Girls’ boots are a style statement that is not something everyone can carry. But with a little effort and a lot of preparation and practice one can learn to carry them in a perfect way. There is no reason to feel that they can be worn only in one style. Girls’ boots come in different lengths and also different styles ...

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What is a petite dress?

petite dresses petite choker-neck printed sheath dress ateicwr

Petite is a dress designed for women shorter than 162cm and it can come in any sizes. They are designed to have a shorter sleeve, length and torso. The designer can play about with the stripes to make the person look slimmer or taller than they actually are. It is always not easy to choose a dress for a petite ...

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The style of Retro Swimwear

retro swimwear solid u0026 striped the brigitte top, $88, available at solid ovjekkl

Sunbathing on the beach sand, taking a dip in the water never loses its trend. And neither does millions of variety of swimwear. Many of ladies can be seen sporting bikini tops that cover lesser and lesser skin throughout the beach. What is considered sexy has become the most minimal piece of clothing. From the era where showing your knees ...

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Few common info on vegan shoes

Vegan shoes were first advanced by the hippies and the vegetarian and the vegan communities. The shoes are purely made of vegetarian without any addition of leather or any other material from the animals. The typical inclusions from a vegan include dairy, eggs and honey. The choice of your vegan shoes depends on the maker, the design and some high-end ...

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The strong style statement: the black leather jackets

Being stylish is not only a craze; it is also a creative art. The Leather jacket is the most popular item of clothing that every person should have in their closets. There are countless benefits of cladding leather jackets, if you have less time, wear it with any outfit. They are always in style and can be worn four out ...

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