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Plus size elegance personified in lace

Plus size elegance personified in lace

You might like roughing it out grunge style in a pair of denims and a tee, because you feel comfortable about your love handles not playing hide and seek, and not being perpetually conscious about how you look because you don’t have the perfect measurements, like celebrities and models that you favor, but c’mon, you wish just a teeny-tiny bit that somehow you could just wiggle into that dress your best friend wore on the last dinner party she threw. But you feel miserable about the extra pounds and the baby fat and dresses are just not your cuppa tea. You feel more at ease in silhouettes that don’t make your body frame look out of proportion and dresses kind of brings out the flawed, flabby you.

But what really matters is the style you endorse. The cut of the garment, the way it moulds over your body, the fit of the fabric and colors and prints and textures, can make you look less bulky and can give an illusion of slenderness. Dresses are an integral part of a girl’s wardrobe, and having the right one styled according to your body size, will not add on to your frame. Infact, the right silhouette, cut and fabric will go a long way to tone the flab down.

Lace Dresses are universally elegant and charming. Infact, in a fabric like lace, where so much is happening on the surface, like scalloping, sequins, cording, ribbon work and various other embellishments, the roving eye doesn’t wander to the problem areas of the body. The intricate beauty of the lace work takes away quite a lot of flak that your body size may warrant.

Plus size lace dresses are quite a rage these days, with lace making a comeback. Lace adds grace and elegance to dresses and a lace dress works well, both for a formal-do or a casual day affair. It adds a heightened sense of feminity and fragility, making it quite popular with the ladies, especially the plumper ones. Infact it is quite empowering, to wear a plus size lace dress, and not conform to the body standards that everyone’s harping about.

Certain silhouettes look not only lovely but they flatter the full figured woman. Some style essentials that you should always keep in mind when looking for that elusive but gorgeous plus size lace dress.

  • Wrap dresses, which are nipped at the waist
  • Belted lace dresses
  • Lace Maxi dresses with a cinched waist
  • A-line dress
  • Peplum Dress

Do’s and Don’ts for the perfect Lace dress in Plus Sizes:

  • Cinched waist or nipped waist, for a slimmer torso
  • Light ruched lace along the waist for a slimmer tummy
  • Vertical pleats for a longer slimmer illusion
  • V-neck lines, or deeper necks
  • Kimono sleeves to take the attention away from flabby arms
  • 3/4th sleeve lengths’, rolled up with a belted lace front.
  • Do not go for layers
  • Avoid very heavy motif/pattern in the lace, instead opt for intricate lace patterns
  • Avoid very bright shades and stick to pastels
  • Avoid sharp contouring or designing, or panels. They distinguish the body length finitely. Opt for softer silhouettes

So, next time you have that classy dinner invitation, do not head straight to the jeans and Tee section…because the lacy dress not only gives you a classy edge, it adds charm and elegance and you end up looking and feeling slimmer with the right cut and silhouette.

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