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Reasons to have wedge shoes

Reasons to have wedge shoes

The fashion industry is one of the most unpredictable. For instance, who would have known that the wedge shoes would come back to the fashion market after 80 years? Simply put, wedges or platforms are shoes that are raised all over, and are not raised from the heel. They may have a high heel but the wearer’s feet may not be inclined that much.

Wedge shoes are more comfortable when compared to some other shoes such as stilettos. With stilettos, the feet tend to stay inclined for as long as they you have them on. There are immense benefits with wedge footwear. They include;

  • Comfortable-these shoes are friendly to the feet. The wedges in the shoe support the entire foot and provides excellent comfort even when you wear a 4-inch heel.
  • The design of these shoes guarantees that the entire body weight is borne by the feet. This is a health requirement.
  • The design of wedge shoes allows free air circulation within the feet since they are open toed. This allows moisture to dry out within the feet and ensures the feet are kept fresh.
  • They are trendy and fashionable.
  • They are ideal for the petite woman since they give a slimmer overall outlook.
  • They match perfectly with any type of attire, for instance, pants, jeans, evening gowns, and skirts. You can wear this shoe to the office, as long the design chosen does not look out of place.
  • They are affordable and are available in various price ranges. To top it off, they are among the few varieties of shoes that offer immense design options.

Next time you think of buying an elegant and stylish shoe try out this design.

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