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Relaxing in summer time with linen suits

Relaxing in summer time with linen suits

Linen Suit are the invention from the very ancient linen material, we can say as if it was the uniform of the builders of pyramids back in the time. Pure linen is a kind of material which wrinkles easily and it is one such fabric which can be used in selective clothing types. Linen suits were known as lounge suits during the end of the 19th century. Linen suit’s qualities like open weave fabric that retained its colour and comfortable wearing in the heat of summer made linen suits famous.

Classic to modern suiting

As the linen suits have been in trend with a very long history, it is necessary to share how the suits and fashion used to be back in the time of WWII. During that period mostly suits were preferred in light colours like white, cream, egg shell by upper class bodies but in contrast the blue collar workers preferred suits with dark colours like brown or blue. In the beginning of the 1930s, white linen suits were became a basic requirement for every gentleman and their wardrobe. The suits were in trend during the World War II time period and then it regained its popularity back in late 1960s. And in modern day trends, such suits are back in fashion because of the blended looks with casual jackets or suits which gave a sophisticated and relaxed look.

Linen and its characteristics

The very basic and key feature of linen is its irregular yarn, which adds to the character of the fabric and gives it its signature casual look. It is a lightweight and durable fabric which provides ultimate comfort and relaxation in summer time. It wrinkles easily, though that’s hardly a defect; the characteristic adds a finesse and charm and that’s the reason why it is so popular with style icons. It is advisable to never wash your linen suits at home because that will destroy the canvas and so only dry cleaning is allowed for them.

Learn to wear Linen
To get a vintage look it is good to pair them with panama hat or boater and spectators and of course white linen to pop out in crowd. A striped shirt with brown belt and a navy blue suit with suede shoes will help you get a modern fresh look. Another option suggestion is to wear a bow tie with white or pastel green shirt and on top of that wearing a brown linen suit and that will make the looks so elegant.

As two linen fabrics together lack textural contrast, it’s not a faux pas to wear a linen shirt with a linen suit. Alternatively consider lightweight cotton voile or chambray shirts, they look better.

If you general dressing are suits without a tie in the office, dark linen suits can be worn confidently during summer only if you don’t work in a traditional establishment. Linen suits are perfect dressing for offices with a casual business dress code. However always remember to have your suits pressed because wrinkles might look good on streets but won’t work well at work.

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