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Retro& style: high waist swimwear

Retro& style: high waist swimwear

After the great era of 50s, the high waist swim-wears are all over the place from a couple of seasons from now. Especially, the retro prints have managed to get the eyeballs at the catwalk premise and has made their return sound and clear. The trend was initially brought in the 1950s by Marilyn Monroe. Though, later it lost its ting among the storm of more skimpy bikinis as almost permanent replacement. After, a regular exposure by Hollywood in their couple of shows in the mid-2000s, the high waist swimwear again started to accumulate the lime light. It stormed the stage from the year 2012 onwards. High Waist Swim wear or Bikinis provide numerous advantages and they are: 1. It Holds at the Right Place: The very first thought that goes through every girls mind after wearing a swimsuit or a Bikini, is that how she looks or its correct placement. By wearing high waist swim suits you can give these thoughts a light air and breather normally. As these suits are made to hold you on the right places and embrace your curves elegantly. 2. Blessing for Plus Sized Girls: Confidence is the vital factor for the girls who fall in this category, and that would not be of any problem once you dive into one. It would constantly flatter and compliments or looks irrespective of the location you are and oozes sheer tenacity in you. They also help tuck your flabs in and with extra coverage in the bikini area. 3. Dive in a Whole New Avatar: Within a split second after wearing a high waist swim suit every girl can plunge into an ocean of multiple avatar. You can accommodate yourself into a retro or a vintage avatar within a blink of an eye. Aside from this one choose from the latest styles such as denim, polo, polka dots, halterneck, bandeau, underwire or a flip waist. Irrespective of your shape and size every girl would feel adored wearing the high waist swimsuits. Earlier, these swimsuits were a focus centre for the ladies in the matured age group only, in regards to their increased size and curves. However, in the recent past the lights of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Katy Perry have themselves wore in their work. The latest designs and trends have bestowed its situation to strengthen further. To conclude high waist swimsuits works on 3 three centric points which are: One should focus on the perfect fit swim suit as it put a whole of focus on the curves and thereby they should be made of thick materials instead of saggy ones. The focus should be moved towards the waist and away from the hips. If you are still short on confidence then don’t get hopeless you still have an option, which is a skirted bottom.

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