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Ripped jeans for women – acceptable?

Ripped jeans for women – acceptable?

The only constant factor in fashion industry is change. This means that it continuously changes with time. Sometimes the change is so subtle that it is hardly noticeable while sometimes the change is so loud that the world hears it. Some fashion trends came and disappeared in thin air as they were not able to make a mark in the industry while some fashion trends were here to stay. One such trend has been ripped jeans for women. This trend started off with boys displaying and symbolizing fun and youth. Young boys wore ripped jeans to give a rugged, adventurous and yet fun loving look. This gave a more Casanova appeal and also appeared as stylish and trendy. After some time, same was replicated for women with a bold, adventurous, confident and rugged flair of attitude. Not every girl could carry this style as it was not meant for masses. Only a specific niche, including both guys and girls, carried it well with confidence.

Having said that, the way in which this trend was perceived in society is also interesting. Some embraced it whole heartedly while some criticized it to the extent of bashing it in the face of those who were fond of ripped jeans. For some it was the so called kool and different look but some regarded it as nonsense. Unfortunately the judging culture in some societies discouraged youngsters to embrace this particular trend. Wearing ripped jeans for women and men both meant confidently expressing the loud nature which is frowned up on by the elders and dignitaries of the society.

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