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Romping in a jumpsuit

Romping in a jumpsuit

The very first jumpsuit was invented in 1919. Since then, time to time, new versions of this dress were made by many. Before 1960’s, a jumpsuit was used by aviators, parachutists and skiers. Then, after its 1960’s version, both male and female started wearing it as a fashion dress. It had become trendy at that time. But then in 80’s it remained popular among females only.

Up till now, jumpsuits are been used and are available in many styles and forms. People love to put on this cool piece of cloth as a fashion or for a convenient and easy use as well.


To make it easy for you, a jumpsuit is basically a upper body top or shirt attached with a straight or skinny pant; or loose, palazzo pant. It may be with sleeves or without sleeves.

It may or may not contain front pockets at the level of bosoms. Also it has side pockets in the pant part of it. Some jumpsuits typically are cinched with inbuilt elastic from the waistline.

Jumpsuit comes in many sizes; a long one covering ankles or may be a bit above the ankles, a knee length medium sized suit and a small half thigh length dress.


On casual basis or for relaxing in your home you can wear a printed cotton or light fabric jumpsuit. A typical jumpsuit of thin jeans fabrics can also be worn on above a top. A cool and classy collection of jumpsuits is also available in markets that you can wear at different events and completely rock the party.

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