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Seattle startup Persona turns and leverages the popularity of video chats by using AI to curate highlight roles

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personaThe platform, which was originally developed to make social media a more intimate way to share family memories, turned during the pandemic to focus on video chat and capture meaningful experiences from these interactions.

Persona co-founder Chad Wittman The idea of ​​changing things came to mind when the corona virus was blocked, when so many people turned to video platforms for social interaction. The Seattle-based persona is now focused on recording conversations, using AI to pinpoint highlights and return digital souvenirs to users.

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"Before COVID, I don't think enough people fully chose this idea of ​​using live video," said Wittman, who previously co-founded the peer-to-peer startup Dolly. "I celebrated my 3-year-old's birthday when I called Zoom with my family across the country. It struck me:" Why do we use Zoom, a business conference tool, for one of the most emotionally important moments in my life? "

Wittman assumed that if we use live videos with the people that matter to us, we will need completely different functions, experiences and needs in five years' time. So the time felt right to use it.

Persona plays chats by adding prompts and fun questions to steer the conversation in the right direction. For example: "How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?" or "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"The most powerful thing about prompts is not necessarily the content. Prompts illuminate topics and discussions that we would rarely stumble over organically," said Wittman too great. "

The original intention to exchange memories between different generations of a family is still intact. Wittman called it a "vast space," and the platform could still be used to capture valuable moments from a toddler walking around or grandparents' lives.

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The highlight videos curated by the AI ​​are a mixture of "science and art", said Wittman and, for example, dealt with things that cause laughter and smiles. You recently added the phrase recognition “I love you”. This is another way to put together a special video from multiple calls.

With regard to data protection, Wittman said that persona is set up as Benefit Corporation and is legally bound to higher standards in terms of purpose, accountability and transparency.

Wittman started Persona with Jason Norris, another co-founder of Dolly, and Justin Hall, product manager at Tapcart.

Persona offers three price levels – free, premium and gold – and is available in the App store.

"Our current version lays the foundation and examines how people like to interact in this new type of digital space," said Wittman. “Building a network that can turn more and more people into creators is something special that I think is fundamentally changing the way we experience social future. It's ambitious, but I think it's the future. "

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