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Should I wear or not wear a one piece bathing suit

Should I wear or not wear a one piece bathing suit

Swimming is one sport liked by many people in the world. Some take it as a hobby while others take it as a sport and even make a living from it. This is one sport that one has to be careful in identifying the best outfit. In most cases women need an outfit that is comfortable and will make them look nice without exposing their bodies. The bathing suits come in different types and designs from very simple to complex, but I am going to handle the one piece swim wear.


With the bathing suit you only need to purchase one piece. It is easy to wear and hides most of the skin for those people who do not need to be exposed. They make one look nice as they hold the tummy and the breast firmly. One can easily lie comfortably in the beach or the pool without the worry of adjusting or fastening it up. They come in a variety if designs to fit all sizes from very small to plus size.


It is a challenge taking a bath in a one piece swim suit, as one has to take it off unlike the other bathing suits. A pregnant woman will have to keep off the one piece bathing suit because it may cause one to have a poor circulation. It also tends to show off the body shape in advanced stages of pregnancy.

To wear or not to wear a one piece bathing suit is a personal decision depending on one’s preference.

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